Greetings and Salutations


Whether willingly or unwillingly, you have found your way into my mind. I welcome you fondly. Herein you shall find a catalogue of merriment, musings, mantra and any manner of mad and miraculous other things that pass my mind. My hope? My hope is to provide you, my most curious friend, with something, anything, from inspiration, to joy, to curiosity, to intrigue or a debate. How vast this rabbit hole will go, even I do not know. However, I hope you stick around to keep my grey cells company, and perhaps even enjoy these thoughts and peculiarities of a Most Average Man.

Thoughts of a Most Average Man

On the topic of spirituality:

“And so, it is well within ours, and others, best interest, to develop our spirituality, our body the translator, and, by extension, our world in ways that best help feed this circle of personal and impersonal enrichment.”… Continue reading On the topic of spirituality:

Mantras of a Most Average Man

Poetry of a Most Average Man

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